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Táirgí moluibdín

Chinatungsten Líne bhfuil monaróir moluibdín speisialta agus onnmhaireoir sna le 20 bliain anuas, ní mór dúinn fáil beagnach gach cineál tungstain íon agus táirgí moluibdín, Sreanga moluibdín, beáir, leictreoidí, plátaí, leatháin, leatháin, snáthaidí, báid, breogáin, diosca, TZM agus mar sin de. 

bád moluibdín / bád molyMoly didiosca moluibdín / diosca molyskmoly wisreang moluibdín / sreinge molyre

Molybdenum has outstanding electrical and heat-conducting capabilities and relatively high tensile strength. In the electrical and electronic industries, molybdenum is used in cathodes, cathode supports for radar devices, current leads for thorium cathodes, magnetron end hats, and mandrels for winding tungsten filaments.

Molybdenum is important in the missile industry, where it is used for high-temperature structural parts, such as nozzles, leading edges of control surfaces, support vanes, struts, reentry cones, heal-radiation shields, heat sinks, turbine wheels, and pumps.

Molybdenum has also been useful in the nuclear, chemical, glass, and metallizing industries. Service temperatures, for molybdenum alloys in structural applications arc, is limited to a maximum of about 1650'C (3000'F). Pure molybdenum has good resistance to hydrochloric acid and is used for acid service in chemical process industries.

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