Molybdenum Powder Production Process

molybdenum powderMolybdenum powder production process Investors want to know the information because it helps to understand operation.

Molybdenum powder production process - Takamatsu bulk density of molybdenum powder preparation method

This kind of preparation is the process of molybdenum powder ordinary molybdenum powder after drying using purified nitrogen fluidized bed jet mill processing;
The treated molybdenum powder for online screening classification;
On the classification of molybdenum powder mixing together batches, testing packaging for the finished molybdenum powder.

The invention process is simple, high degree of automation, low production costs, product consistency, easy to achieve industrialization. The method is carried out by ordinary molybdenum powder fluidized bed jet mill treatment to improve molybdenum powder bulk density, improved molybdenum powder agglomeration of particles, reducing the molybdenum powder filling the mold resulting "arch" effect, conducive molybdenum powder compression molding; molybdenum powder prepared by the method applicable to a wider range of the electronics, the automotive industry has a wide range of environmental applications, especially in environmentally friendly cars molybdenum Copper Alloy heatsink provides greater potential.

Molybdenum powder production process - fine molybdenum powder or ultra-fine tungsten powder coated copper preparation method

Molybdenum PowderUsing the average particle size of not more than 1.3μm D50 superfine molybdenum powder or ultra-fine tungsten powder, stirring constantly, and Cu2 + solution of a soluble salt mixed, containing N, O atoms coordinating groups of the polymer surfactant ;
Hydrazine hydrate, sodium dithionite or sodium hypophosphite as a reducing agent, the amount of alkali added dropwise during adjusted pH, the pH of the reaction system was between 5.5 to 12.0, in the range of 20 ~ 95 ℃, the reaction 0.5 to 3 hours;
Filtered, washed with dilute NH4Cl or NH4NO3Rinse solution, and the resulting powder was 0.2 to 3.0% of a fatty acid alcohol solution beating, again filtered, and the resulting powder was dried by heating through H2, uniform surface can be prepared ultra-fine tungsten-coated copper powder, fine molybdenum powder.

By adjusting the fine molybdenum powder or tungsten powder and copper fine proportion of soluble salts can be prepared by different composition ratio of the fine metallic copper clad molybdenum powder, fine tungsten powder, to meet different needs.

Molybdenum powder production process - Ultrafine metal molybdenum powder preparation method

The FaiMolybdenum Preparing a spherical powder or lumps; drying the pellets; then the dried pellets into the vacuum decomposition temperature vacuum furnace, obtainedNon-ferrous metalsVery low content of impurities and S molybdenum powder;
The above steps to get the ball into the roasting molybdenum powder device for roasting, to obtain high-temperature gaseous MoO3
molybdenum powderThe high-temperature gaseous MoO3Into the gas reduction apparatus, using hydrogen as a reducing agent, reduction of gaseous MoO3To obtain high purity ultrafine metal molybdenum powder.

This method is not SO2Emissions and recycling issues, and can also make use of two resources of molybdenum and sulfur, molybdenum roasting to avoid the release of SO2Integrated treatment burden and associated emissions, both to reduce emissions and improve the overall efficiency of resources.

Molybdenum powder production process - special molybdenum powder preparation method

Will conduct regular molybdenum powder sintering, increasing the granularity;
Increasing the size of the molybdenum powder for grading, molybdenum powder with a particle size similar plasma ball handling equipment, cooling collection;
After the ball to restore molybdenum powder, sifted special molybdenum powder obtained after grading.

The method of preparation of molybdenum powder fluidity, simple process, high yield, for thermal spraying, precision devices and other areas of specialty repression molybdenum powder preparation process.

Molybdenum powder production process - potassium molybdenum powder preparation method

The use of potassium content of less than 160ppm molybdenum dioxide as raw material, after screening Sec hydrogen reduction, vacuum crushing milling, obtained by sieving hypokalemia molybdenum powder.

Molybdenum PowderThis method, low demand for raw materials, easy to get; production process is easy to control, easy to operate, safe, reliable, and suitable for mass production; product particle size distribution, and good consistency; molybdenum powder and ordinary compared to products obtained by the method of the invention containing potassium can be controlled at 20ppm or less, the carbon content can be controlled below 20ppm, the oxygen content can be controlled at 600ppm or less. Particle size can be controlled within 3 ~ 7μm, bulk density can be controlled within 1.4 ~ 2.8g/cm3, And the tap density can be controlled at 3.5 ~ 4.5g/cm3。Products in the electronic processing of the present invention has wide application in industry, especially in the area of ​​the LCD display more potential target.

Molybdenum powder production process - High oxygen content of the powder bulk density of molybdenum powder preparation method

Molybdenum powder milled in a ball mill in a vacuum; molybdenum powder good for ball after screening the finished grade molybdenum powder;
Of molybdenum powder prepared in a vacuum mixing machine for batch mixing together; Finally, the molybdenum powder prepared in vacuum packaging.

The method of the present invention, the production of raw materials require lower molybdenum powder, the production process is easy to control, easy to operate, safe, reliable, and suitable for mass production, mining and milling screening vacuum protection, process stability and product consistency. And ordinary compared to conventional molybdenum powder, prepared by the present invention, molybdenum powder bulk density may be greater than 1.5g/cm3Can be greatly improved molybdenum powder bulk density, increase its loading capacity.

Molybdenum powder production process - the purification method of molybdenum powder

molybdenum powderTake ordinary molybdenum powder as raw material;
Raw molybdenum powder by washing or pickling impurity;
Washing or drying after pickling molybdenum powder;
High-temperature hydrogen or vacuum heat protection impurity impurity;
Purified by vacuum molybdenum powder obtained by sieving.

This method not only can reduce the impurity content of molybdenum powder, molybdenum powder can also improve the morphology, particle size, bulk density and other physical properties. Molybdenum powder obtained and compared with ordinary molybdenum powder, high purity products with wide application in the electronic processing industry has a wide range of applications, especially in the field of LCD displays more potential targets.

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