Manganese Molybdate

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Manganese molybdate is an important inorganic compound with the chemical formula MnMoO4 and CAS number 14013-15-1. It has excellent magnetic, catalytic and electrochemical properties because the Mn and Mo elements in its compound have variable chemical states and special crystal structure. These excellent properties make manganese molybdate widely used in chemical, national defense, electronic industry and other industries, as catalysts, luminescent materials, humidity detectors W and electrode materials.

Basic Information

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Physical & Chemical Properties

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Health & Safety Information

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1. Solid State Reaction
Solid state reaction is a method for preparing samples by processing mixed raw materials at high temperature. The raw materials for the synthesis of manganese molybdate include molybdenum oxide, manganese oxide and manganese element. The advantage of this method is that the operation steps are simple, but it requires higher temperature and the morphology is not easy to control.
The reaction equation is as follows:

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2. Solution Deposit
Solution deposit method uses mixed molybdate solution and manganese salt solution, slightly heated to form a manganese molybdate precipitate, followed by filtration, washing and drying. The advantage of this method is that it does not require high temperature treatment, but the reaction steps are complicated. The reaction equation is as follows:

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3. Hydrothermal Method
The hydrothermal method is to mix various raw materials uniformly, transfer them to the reactor, and heat treatment. The raw materials are molybdenum oxide, manganese oxide and manganese elemental substance and water. The advantage of this method is that the size of the material is uniform. The reaction equation is as follows:

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1. It has been studied as energy storage materials, such as electrode materials for supercapacitors and lithium ion batteries because of its excellent electrochemical properties.
2. It can be used as active material in electrodes for secondary lithium batteries due to its ferromagnetism and antiferromagnetism.
3. The rod-shaped manganese molybdate is suitable for electrochemical and academic devices due to its low-dimensional structure.
4. The three-dimensional hollow rugby-ball manganese molybdate is suitable as a catalyst due to the large specific surface area of the hollow structure.

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