Ferro Molybdenum Production Process

Raw material

Cooked molybdenum mine is the main raw material production of molybdenum, molybdenum molybdenum iron sources, in addition to requirements of high grade outside of the impurities also have strict requirements. General composition of: Mo48% -52%, S ≤ 0.065%, P ≤ 0.023%, Cu ≤ 0.30%, SiO2 8% -14%, Pb0.2% -0.5%. Particle size not greater than 20mm ,10-20mm size shall not exceed 20% of total.

   75% ferrosilicon ferrosilicon powder by crushing, milling the powder raw material used to restore the cooked molybdenum, iron scale and other oxides. Ferrosilicon powder must have accurate before use of silicon, of aluminum content, the silicon content of 75% -77% required particle size requirement is :1.0-1 .8 mm not more than 1% ,0.5-1 .0 mm particle size of not more than 10% , the rest is 0.5mm or less. Particle size is too general cause elevated molybdenum silicon, using high silicon content of ferrosilicon powder is better than a good low silicon content.

Aluminum particles have accurate ingredient aluminum content as a basis for calculation, the size requirements of 3mm or less. Particle size is too small, the production of safe; too large, then the smelting reaction negative. Increase the amount of aluminum particles with cooked according to the temperature of molybdenum, molybdenum content, production scale, temperature conditions, and generally with each batch into 5-8kg.

  Ironscale is rolling, forging the iron skin, is smelting oxidants and flux. In about 30% of the smelting reaction into the alloy, a source of iron in the alloy; about 70% of the iron scale in the form of FeO into the slag, the slag from the dilution effect. Requirements of iron scale: Fe ≥ 68%, S ≤ 0.05%, P ≤ 0.035%, C ≤ 0.30%, Cu ≤ 0.1%. Ironscale be heated and dried before use to remove moisture and oil, can also be used in the production of iron ore, but high sulfur iron ore, is now the country has rarely used.

 Alloy steel scrap is the main source of iron, requiring greater than 98% iron, steel scrap carbon steel for general use.

 Fluorite size should be less than 20mm, heated and dried prior to use to remove moisture, fluorite CaF ≥ 90%, S ≤ 0.05%, P ≤ 0.05%, can be used. Fluorite with addition of the charge in the amount depends on the actual situation and cooked molybdenum slag of SiO2The content of each batch of feed intake generally equipped with 2-3kg.

Saltpeter is sodium nitrate, when cooked using a low molybdenum molybdenum, often because lack of oxygen, reducing agents can not pay more, resulting in low heat charge, available as a supplement saltpeter thermal agents, each batch with addition of 1-3kg.
Burden calculation
Calculation conditions
Calculation conditions:
(1) to 100kg cooked calculated on the basis of molybdenum ore, calling it a number of materials.
(2) cooked molybdenum containing 52% Mo, to produce molybdenum alloy containing Mo60%.
(3) ferrosilicon powder containing Si76%, Al2%, Fe21%.
(4) Ironscale the Fe3O4 content of 95%.
(5) steel scrap containing Fe98%.
(6) According to the charge technical conditions, to determine the charge added to each batch of iron scale 20kg, saltpeter 3kg, fluorite 2kg, with Al99% of the aluminum particles 6kg.
(7) cooked molybdenum in molybdenum MoO 3 exists and 100% is reduced, other oxide reduction are not considered.
(8) 30% of iron scale iron into the alloy, 70% into the slag FeO forms.
(9) containing NaNO saltpeter399%。
(10) heat is not less than the charge 2300kJ/kg.

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