Molybdenum Copper Applications

Molybdenum Copper applications are widely. It includes molybdenum and copper excellent properties are widely used in various fields. Molybdenum copper alloy (Mo / Cu) alloy is pseudo alloy which is made of face-centered cubic structure copper and body-centered cubic structure molybdenum and both components are incompatibility. This alloy not only has molybdenum high strength, low thermal expansion coefficient properties, but also has copper excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. To adjust the ratio of copper and molybdenum can obtain different coefficients of expansion and electric conductive and thermal conductivity Mo / Cu material. High-quality oxygen-free copper powder and molybdenum powder as raw material, to ensure product purity and accuracy ratio, through isostatic pressing, high temperature sintering and can copper infiltration can produce fine organization and excellent performance, good breaking arc properties, good electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion molybdenum cooper.

It can well connect with silicon substrate, gallium arsenide and other materials in electronic device to avoid thermal stress caused thermal fatigue failure. At the same time, because of its good thermal conductivity, it is widely used in electronics packaging, heat sink material as well as some large power based current module. In addition, molybdenum-copper composite material is a key materials used in microwave communications, radio, aerospace, power electronics, high-power lasers and other industries and is the basis of high-end electronic product development and production. It is also a high-end packaging material.

molybdenum copper alloy imagemolybdenum copper alloy image

1. Vacuum switch electrical contacts
At present, molybdenum copper and tungsten copper material as electrical contact material are widely used. Depending on the performance requirements of the vacuum switch can chose different electrical contact martial.

2 Electric vacuum device radiating element
It is usually made into radiating element used in high-power integrated circuits and microwave devices, due to its high thermal conductivity, vacuum properties, heat resistance and thermal expansion coefficient properties.

3 Instrumentation component material
It has many good physical properties, such as non-magnetic, small coefficient of thermal expansion, high elastic modulus, and high thermal conductivity and so on, so it can be made into special requirements components used in instrumentation. Besides, compared to tungsten copper, it has light weight, good plasticity, and easy machining and other advantage, is more suitable as a instrument material.

 4 Aerospace and arms martial
Compared to molybdenum, molybdenum copper material has better erosion resistant properties, plasticity and workability, and therefore, not only can be used as rocket and missile’s high temperature components which has slightly lower operation temperature, but also can replace molybdenum as weapon components.

 5 Other
Copper and molybdenum materials can also be used as solid dynamic seal, sliding friction rib, water-cooled high-temperature furnace electrode tip, and EDM electrodes and its application can be further developed.

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