TZC Alloy - Titanium Zirconium Carbon Alloy

TZC alloy

Four main classes of commercial molybdenum alloy exist. The most common of the carbide-strengthened alloys is known as TZM. Other alloys in this class include TZC alloy(1.2% titanium, 0.3% zirconium, 0.1% carbon), MHC (1.2% hafnium, 0.05% carbon), and ZHM (1.2% hafnium, 0.4% zirconium, 0.12% carbon).

TZC alloy has excellent high temperature strength and high recrystallization temperature, also TZC has a good plasticity at room temperature.TZC isUsing powder metallurgy and vacuum arc melting method of Preparation. Be in a very bad condition to make a high-temperature structural materials and high-temperature processing of tool materials. As used in the manufacture of aluminum and copper alloys, cast iron and iron-based alloy die-casting molds and cores for stainless steel such as hot extrusion tools and seamless steel pipe thermal processing head. It may also make space rockets flying devices and surface components. Recently, hafnium instead of titanium useful, with the formation of two-phase approach to strengthen the organization of molybdenum alloy(TZC alloy).

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