Molybdenum Ternary Alloy

molybdenum ternary alloy

Molybdenum ternary alloy mainly refers to mix a certain ratio of two other metal powders with molybdenum power and after powder metallurgy to obtain ternary alloy. Mo ternary alloys have a number of different types, including titanium zirconium molybdenum alloy, platinum rhodium molybdenum alloy, tungsten aluminum molybdenum alloy, copper chromium molybdenum alloy, titanium aluminum molybdenum alloy and gold palladium molybdenum alloy.

Titanium zirconium molybdenum alloy (TZM alloy) is kind of commonly used high temperature molybdenum-based alloys containing 0.50% titanium, 0.08% zirconium and the remaining 0.02% carbon, and it usually is produced by powder metallurgy method.

Platinum rhodium molybdenum alloy is based on platinum substrate doped with rhodium and molybdenum. Platinum rhodium molybdenum mixed powder produced by high-frequency furnace with argon protection after hot cogging, cold working and other processes to obtain alloy. It is often used as high temperature resistance strain material used in various fields.

Cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy (CoCrMo) is one of cobalt-based alloy (Stellite alloy) and it is anti-abrasive material and has good corrosion resistance property. The original cobalt-based alloys are cobalt-chromium binary alloy, after development the cobalt chromium tungsten ternary alloy and cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy was produced. In cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy the cobalt is a main component, doped with a certain amount of chromium, molybdenum and small amounts of nickel, carbon and other alloying elements. Depending on the alloy composition, it can be made into wire, mixed powder used for hardfacing, thermal spraying, spray and other processes, but also it can also be made into casting and forging products and metallic sintered product.

Tungsten aluminum molybdenum alloy usually use tungsten powder, aluminum powder and molybdenum powder or tungsten molybdenum alloy powder and aluminum powder as raw material, mixed by ball mill, under argon atmosphere protection to obtain tungsten aluminum molybdenum powder. In addition, it can also use tungsten aluminum powder and molybdenum powder as raw material, under argon atmosphere and well mixed by ball mill to obtain mixed powder. And then placed mixed powder in vacuum carbon tube furnace and sintered at 1200 ~ 1400 ℃ for 5~10h can obtain tungsten aluminum molybdenum powder. Then after pressing, sintering and other subsequent processing processes can obtain tungsten aluminum molybdenum alloy.

Nickel molybdenum cobalt ternary alloy uses polyurethane foam as template, after chemical nickel plating or dipping conductive paste to make polyurethane foam surface template conductive, and then to electrodeposits nickel molybdenum cobalt ternary alloy, and finally to removal polyurethane foam template in the pyrolysis furnace with hydrogen atmosphere furnace after the reduction treatment to obtain.

Gold palladium molybdenum alloy is based on gold matrix doped with palladium and molybdenum and mainly produced by press molding method having high resistivity, often as precision resistors and resistor material strained material. Its resistance changes with the molybdenum content, the resistivity can increase from 60 × 10-2Ω • mm2 / m to 120 × 10-2Ω • mm2 / m. Depending on the content of doping, it can be divided into AuPdMo40-5, AuPdMo45-5, AuPdMo63-10 AuPdMo48-3.5 and different types of alloys.

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