Fruit Tree Molybdenum Deficiency

fruit tree molybdenum deficiency picture

Fruit tree molybdenum deficiency the result is that the plant becomes stunted, with symptoms similar to those of nitrogen deficiency.

Molybdenum is needed by fruit tree for chemical changes associated with nitrogen nutrition. In non-legumes, molybdenum enables the tree to use the nitrates taken up from the soil. Where the plant has insufficient molybdenum the nitrates accumulate in the leaves and the plant cannot use them to make proteins.At the same time, the edges of the leaves may become scorched by the accumulation of unused nitrates. 

In legumes such as clovers, lucerne, beans and peas, molybdenum serves two functions. The plant needs it to break down any nitrates taken up from the soil—in the same way as non-legumes use molybdenum. And it helps in the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by the root nodule bacteria. Legumes need more molybdenum to fix nitrogen than to utilise nitrates.

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