Molybdenum Supplementation For Food

beans for molybdenum supplementation picture

An annual survey of the mineral content in the typical American diet, indicates molybdenum supplementation can take from food, dietary intake of molybdenum averages 76 μg/day for women and 109 μg/day for men. Thus, usual molybdenum intakes are well above the RDA (recommended dietary allowance ) for molybdenum. Legumes, such as beans, lentils, and peas, are the richest sources of molybdenum. Grain products and nuts are considered good sources, while animal products, fruit, and many vegetables are generally low in molybdenum. Because the molybdenum content of plants depends on the soil molybdenum content and other environmental conditions, the molybdenum content of foods can vary considerably. Variation in esophageal cancer incidence worldwide has been linked to the molybdenum content in soils and food. Similar observations have been made in order to identify the factors associated with a population's extended lifespan.

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