Sulfur and Phosphorus Free Organic Molybdenum

sulfur and phosphorus free organic molybdenum picture

Sulfur and phosphorus free organic molybdenum production processes are as follow:

1.oleic acid and diethanolamine in a container, and reacted at 90 ℃ ~ 100 ℃ 3 ~ 5h, then add hydroxyethyl ethylenediamine, under vacuum at 100 ℃ the reaction was continued for 2 to 4 hours to obtain a mixed oleylamine; oleic acid and the weight ratio of diethanolamine: 100:30 to 40;

2.oleic acid hydroxyethyl ethylenediamine weight ratio: 100:20 to 30;

3.oleylamine mixed with the prepared mixture of ammonium molybdate, then add imidazole stir at a temperature of about 70 ~ 80 ℃ under reduced pressure to 100 ~ 150mmHg high, The reaction of 4 to 5 hours, and then raise the temperature to 80 ~ 100 ℃, high vacuum to 50mm ~ 80mmHg for 2 to 3 hours and then extracting the water out of the reaction.

4.Cool, filtered to give a red brown non-water-soluble organic parathion molybdenum content of 7.5%, mixed with ammonium molybdate oleylamine N4.5% of the weight ratio: 100:30 to 35; mixed with oleyl amine imidazole-weight ratio: 100:15 to 20;

During the production process, by a two-step vacuum distillation, the product prepared with excellent extreme pressure, good metal-release and water-soluble excellent lubricity, so can produce high quality sulfur and phosphorus free organic molybdenum.

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