2000m Molybdenum Cutting Wire

molybdenum wire

2000m molybdenum cutting wire refers to the length is 2000mm and diameter is 0.18 molybdenum wire. High-strength molybdenum cutting wire has high strength, corrosion resistance, low elongation and good discharge performance, which can ensure the dimensional accuracy of product and the process stability. High-strength wire cutting molybdenum wire is particularly suitable for complex parts, precision cutting. Molybdenum wire depending on its applications can be divided into different categories, such as molybdenum cutting wire, spraying molybdenum wire and high temperature molybdenum wire.

Molybdenum wire used in EDM has the following advantages:
1. good tensile strength;
2. high surface smoothness, good chemical stability, high precision cutting;
3. small elongation;
4. big crimp rate, consistent wire diameter, won’t easily to broken, long life;
5. good high-frequency power;
6. measurement accuracy, vacuum packaging to prevent oxidation mildew, long-term preservation;

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