Molybdenum Wire Application - Aluminum Cutting

molybdenum wire picture picture

Molybdenum wire is used for aluminum cutting, also known as wire cutting aluminum wire electrode. Its main specifications are Ø0.18 and Ø0.2. Molybdenum wire can be used to cut copper and aluminum, but copper and aluminum have high conductivity, so during operation should choose smaller current value and pulse width values, where the pulse width value can not be too small.

During wire cutting, the cutting center temperature is high and aluminum at high temperatures will produce alumina. The alumina has high hardness which will break guide rollers and power feed contact to slow cutting speed. Besides, the alumina will stick to the power feed contact to affect its conductivity performance, to reduce processing efficiency and to increase power feed contact and wire wear. Therefore, to use molybdenum wire for aluminum cutting after a period of time should use oxalic acid to clean power feed contact, which can improve processing efficiency, but also can protect power feed contact.

Chinatungsten can provide high quality molybdenum wire with high tensile strength and high toughness.

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