Molybdenum CAS

Molybdenum CAS is CAS Registry Number of molybdenum chemical products, including molybdic acid, molybdenum oxide, molybdate and so on.

molybdenum alloy picturemolybdenum alloy picture

CAS No. Chinese Name Product Name Molecular Formula
1313-27-5 三氧化钼 Molybdenum trioxide MoO3
7631-95-0 钼酸钠 Sodium molybdate MoNa2O4
7782-91-4 钼酸 Molybdic acid H2MoO4
7787-37-3 钼酸钡 Barium molybdate BaMoO4
10102-40-6 钼酸钠 Sodium molybdate dihydrate H4MoNa2O6
12027-67-7 七钼酸铵 Hexaammonium molybdate (NH4)6.Mo7O24
12054-85-2 钼酸铵 Ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate Mo7O24.6(NH4).4(H2O)
12411-64-2 八钼酸铵 Ammonium octamolybdate C56H67MoN4O18PW
12627-57-5 碳化钼 Molybdenum carbide MoC
13568-40-6 钼酸锂 Lithium molybdate(VI) Li2MoO4
13939-06-5 六羰基钼 Molybdenum hexacarbonyl C6MoO6
27546-07-2 二钼酸铵 Ammonium dimolybdate (NH4)2.Mo2O7
12136-78-6 二硅化钼 Molybdenum disilicide MoSi2
1317-33-5 二硫化钼 Molybdenum sulfide MoS2
7789-82-4 钼酸钙 Calcium molybdate CaMoO4
13446-49-6 钼酸钾 Dipotassium, (T-4)-Molybdate K2MoO4
10190-55-3 钼酸铅 Lead molybdenum oxide MoO4Pb
13769-81-8 钼酸铁 Iron molybdate Fe2Mo3O12
14259-85-9 钼酸盐 Molybdate MoO4(-2)
12006-98-3 硼化钼 molybdenum boride MoB
13478-18-7 三氯化钼 molybdenum chloride Cl3Mo
10241-05-1 五氯化钼 Molybdenum(V) chloride Cl5Mo
13565-96-3 氧化钼铋 Bismuth molybdate Bi2MoO6

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