Molybdenum Product Packaging

Molybdenum product packaging is divided into molybdenum powder packaging and molybdenum finished product packaging, where we take molybdenum rod as example.

Molybdenum powder packing: It can be packed in cardboard drum or colored plastic bucket, lined with double-layer polyethylene bag, net weight 25Kg, 50kg. Packaging matters:
1. Packaging drum (bag) should be painted with signs, including: product name, grade, net weight and name of the plant;
2. The Lined plastic bag capacity net weight is 25 or 50kg;
3. During transportation should protect product form rain and sun exposure. During loading should light handling to prevent the packaging rupture. The products should be stored in a cool dry warehouse, sealed packaging, anti-air oxidation and pay attention to moisture.

Molybdenum rod packaging: the rod should to use high moisture paper alone packaging and be wrapped with foam, placed in the appropriate wooden box, where must be filled with extra space to prevent vibration in transit.

molybdenum rod picturemolybdenum powder picture

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