Molybdenum Forming Methods - Slurry Casting

molybdenum alloy picture

Slurry casting is one of molybdenum forming methods. The fine powder dispersed in the liquid to form slurry, and then the slurry injected into gypsum mold with desired shape, to use porous gypsum mold for slurry moisture (or liquid)absorption, so that the slurry material in the mold to be dense and the to form required shape. Finally, after the plaster mold to suck the liquid in the slurry, open the mold to get the injection part for sintering.

Powder casting molding equipments is simple. There is no press machine, only plaster mold, low production costs, so it can produce some complex shape, large, special shape products, such as molybdenum tube for thermocouple used. But its shortcomings are large shrinkage after sintering, long time for slurry drying, low production efficiency, which can not replace powder pressing technology for ordinary mass production.

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