Glass Melting Zirconia Molybdenum Electrode

molybdenum electrodes


Glass melting zirconia molybdenum electrodes (MoZrO2 molybdenum electrodes) are an electrode doped with a small quantity zirconia. Compared to pure molybdenum electrodes, zirconia molybdenum electrode not only retains the high temperature performance and thermal conductivity properties, and has greatly advanced in terms of corrosion resistance. Besides, during melting glass it exhibits excellent corrosion resistance and excellent high temperature strength. This new molybdenum electrode have been increasingly used in a variety of glass manufacturing.

MoZrO2 Molybdenum Electrodes and Pure Molybdenum Electrode Comparing

Erosiveness Comparing
  Rate Erosion Amount
First Time Second Time Third Time
Molybdenum Electrode 1.8 1692 1420 1556
MoZrO2Molybdenum Electrode 1 943 821 882

  Creep Resistance Mechanical Property
Creep Rate(s-1 Tensile Strength(N/mm2 0.2 Yield Strength Elongation%
Molybdenum Electrode 4.4×10-6 226 97 16.9
MoZrO2Molybdenum Electrode 9.5×10-7 335 246 6.3

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