Molybdenum Electrode and Water Jacket

molybdenum electrodes


Molybdenum electrodes have good high temperature property and corrosion resistance property. Besides, it has good infiltration in molten glass. What’s more molybdenum has good conductivity, so often used in glass electric furnace as glass melting electrode material. The water jacket is an effective measure to protect the electrodes and furnace.

Electrode water jacket according to different occasions, different varieties of glass, different insert forms and process requirements are divided into different categories, including indirect water cooling protective cover, direct water-cooling protective cover, rapid package water cooling jacket, water cooled and so on. Different types of water cooling jacket can meet different glass furnaces requirements, mainly used in electric furnace, electric boosting furnace, mixed furnace and so on.

Water Jacket Protective Effect

The main role of the water jacket is fixed electrode, to prevent electrode oxidation, to prevent the refractory material. In order to make molybdenum electrodes can operate normally in the glass furnace, there should have a stable anti oxidation layer between the water jacket and the electrode. Because molybdenum is easily oxidized at high temperatures, so it will not only speed up the glass electrode erosion, but the erosion molybdenum particles fused together with the molten glass will affect the quality of the glass. Besides, erosion electrode will affect glass furnace. But to build a layer of oxidation resistant coating between the electrode and water jacket is not easy. Glass in different qualities and different temperatures, should inclination install or to master multiple drawing electrode and other technologies to achieve. Also, make sure the cooling water quality and reliable water supply is a basic condition for water-cooled jacket normal work.

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