New Type Molybdenum Matrix Electrode and Glass Furnace

molybdenum electrodes


The new molybdenum matrix electrode is based on molybdenum adding zirconium oxide to produce zirconia molybdenum electrode (MoZrO2 molybdenum electrode). This electrode not only has similar good properties with pure molybdenum electrodes, such as high temperature resistance, good thermal and electrical conductivity, but it has greater corrosion resistance and creep resistance than pure molybdenum electrodes.

MoZrO2 is a new dispersion composite alloy, which is doped with a certain amount of ZrO2 based on molybdenum matrix to improve properties of molybdenum. MoZrO2 has better corrosion resistance property and higher high temperature strength. Besides, it also has good thermal and electrical conductivity and mechanical property. So MoZrO2 electrode compared to pure molybdenum alloy electrode is more suitable as an electrode material used in glass furnace.

MoZrO2 High Temperature Strength

Compared to molybdenum electrode, MoZrO2 at 1600 ℃, the steady creep rate is lower than pure molybdenum about 5 times, while the tensile strength and 0.2% proof stress is much higher than pure molybdenum. Therefore, in glass furnace, using MoZrO2 molybdenum electrode can not only extend the life of the electrode, but can reduced fracture risk.

MoZrO2 High Temperature Corrosion Resistance

MoZrO2 molybdenum electrode at different molten glass has better anti-corrosion performance than pure molybdenum electrodes. During optical glass manufacturing, Sb2O3 is one of the common fining agents, but Sb will erode molybdenum electrode, so using pure molybdenum electrode for optical glass production not only the glass quality is poor, but also the electrode and the furnace will be losses. However, compared with pure molybdenum electrode, MoZrO2 molten in Sb, the degree of erosion is better than molybdenum. Observing by TEM found ZrO2 has good crystal structure and uniformly distributes at grain boundaries, which is good for MoZrO2 molybdenum electrodes used in glass furnace.

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