Ultrafine α-molybdenum Oxide Production Process

Ultrafine α-molybdenum production process, including: the ammonium dissolved in the water, get molybdate supernatant; preparation of acetic acid, adding hydrogen peroxide, are acidic precipitation agent.

Heating reactor; same side of the precipitating agent slowly dropped into the acidified ammonium molybdate solution, while stirring, until the solution pH value of 3.0 to 4.0; filtering the reaction solution, get yellow - white precipitate, placed in drying oven, get massive molybdenum oxide, and then crushed and sieved to obtain molybdenum oxide meal.

Roasting; The jet mill to obtain ultrafine α-molybdenum powder.

Background of the invention solves the technical difficult to achieve large-scale production; of equipment, raw materials for high, easy to control the production process, or poor security, filtering difficult technical problems. Invention of cheap raw materials, easy to get, the production process, equipment is simple, low cost, high yield and product dispersion, high purity.

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