molybdenum Diboride Production Methods

molybdenum diboride picture

There are there commonly molybdenum diboride production methods and the most commonly method reduction method, namely, in the present of carbon and high temperature, boron oxide and molybdenum oxide after reaction to obtain molybdenum diboride. On the other hand, it can produce by boron and molybdenum reacted with direct heating.

1. Reduction method, boron oxide and molybdenum oxide in the presence of carbon at high temperature after reduction can produce the product. Elemental boron and molybdenum can also use for product production by directly heating.

2. molybdenum powder and boron powder will react at 1300 ~ 1400 ℃ in vacuum condition, after reaction molybdenum surface mainly to form Mo2B, while a small amount Mo2B5 (1hour), having lower purity.

3. The boron is evaporated on molybdenum can obtain the product, or the molybdenum is evaporated on boron can also obtain Mo2B.

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