molybdenum Nitride Production Methods

The commonly molybdenum nitride methods have powder metallurgy method, chemical vapor deposition method and plasma sputtering method and so on, the particular production processes are as follows.

molybdenum nitride picture

Powder metallurgy method

molybdenum nitride commonly uses high temperature production method for producing. Commonly used high temperature production method is powder metallurgy method, to use molybdenum metal oxides or its a hydrate, or metal powder as precursor and to place it with graphite powder, CO, alkanes gas or argon gas and nitrogen gas at high temperature after reaction can obtain molybdenum nitride powder.

Chemical vapor deposition method
The metal molybdenum oxide or metal gasification at high temperature, and then reacts with the nitrogen gas to obtain nitride.

Plasma sputtering method
Using plasma sputtering method for molybdenum nitride production required high temperature, but at high temperatures can produce nanoscale nitride. During the production process it requires a lot of energy consumption.

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