molybdenum Hexafluoride

oxymolybdenum dialkydithiophosphate picture

molybdenum hexafluoride, also known as molybdenum fluoride, is a white massive crystalline. Its physical properties are as follows: molecular formula: MoF6, density 2.55lg / cm3 (liquid, 17.5 ℃), melting point: 17.5 ℃, boiling point: 35 ℃. Its chemical properties are as follows: it will no react with dry air, chlorine and sulfur dioxide, but is sensitive to humid air and after reaction can generate blue molybdenum oxide. In the large amount of water it will dissolve and decompose. In the presence of strong oxidizing agent, at room temperature it can erode various metals (except gold, platinum) and the metal surface will become blue. It will react with alkaline fluoride to form coordination compound M21 [MoF8].

To place the molybdenum powder into platinum tube and to pass through drying fluorine, heats to 60 ℃ to obtain MoF6. In addition, MoF6 crude sample can recover at -5 ~ 5 ℃, after vacuum distillation can be obtained. It is mainly used for molybdenum isotopes separation and it can also be used in microelectronics industry for chemical vapor deposition molybdenum or molybdenum silicide to produce low resistance and high melting point interconnects. At the same time, it can also be used as a strong fluorinating agent and film-forming material for ion doping.

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