Oxymolybdenum Dialkydithiophosphate

oxymolybdenum dialkydithiophosphate picture

Oxymolybdenum dialkydithiophosphate (MoDDP) is kind of organic molybdenum compound. The organic molybdenum compound includes include oxymolybdenum dialkydithiophosphate, molybdenum dialkyldthiocarbamate, molybdenum ammonium complexes, molybdenum naphthenate, alkyl salicylate molybdenum and other oil soluble organo-molybdenum compounds. It is a brown liquid and the density is 980-1050, flash point openings ≥150 ℃. It has excellent anti-friction and anti-wear properties. Besides, it has good extreme pressure and oxidation resistance, so it is widely used in internal combustion engines, lubricating grease and lubricants.

MoDDP has good wear resistance in 150SN paraffinic base oil and the addition amount has a greater influence on its anti-wear properties. When the addition amount is large, the abrasion resistance has significantly improved. When the addictive amount increased to 1.0%, the anti-wear properties of oil also achieve to the best. In addition, MoDDP has good extreme pressure performance.

MoDDP addctive amount has great impact on anti-wear properties of the finished oil. When the addition amount of MoDDP is small, it has small impact on refined oil, but in the high load, has a negative effect on refined oil wear resistance. When the addition amount is increased, wear resistance performance under high load has improved significantly.

At high addition amount, MoDDP has obvious antiwear synergies.

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