molybdenum Nitride

molybdenum nitride picture

molybdenum nitride is a simple hexagonal lattice structure, a = 0.286nm, c = 0.2804nm. molybdenum can react with nitrogen to generates three nitrides, MoN (o -), Mo2N (r) and Mo2N (β) and the most stable nitrides is MoN and Mo2N. Its physical properties are as follows: molecular formula: Mo3N2, molecular weight: 315.83, CAS number: 12033-31-7.

molybdenum nitride having high melting point and hardness, good thermal and mechanical stability, excellent corrosion resistance, is widely used in various high temperature, abrasion and chemical corrosion fields. In addition, it also has the electronic structure and catalytic properties, which like noble metals, so it can be widely used in reactions involving hydrogen, such as paraffin hydrocarbon isomerization, unsaturated hydrocarbon hydrogenation, hydrogenation desulfurization and denitrification reaction. molybdenum nitride (Mo2N) also has good capacitance characteristics and charge-discharge behavior, so it can be used as electrode material for electrochemical capacitors.

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