molybdenum Dioxide Production Methods

molybdenum dioxide picture

molybdenum dioxide commonly production methods includes molybdenum trioxide hydrogen reduction method and metal molybdenum restored molybdenum trioxide method.

molybdenum trioxide hydrogen reduction method:
molybdenum trioxide hydrogen reduction method, placed molybdenum trioxide into porcelain dish and heated with hydrogen stream to 450 ℃ for 5 ~ 7h, can produce molybdenum dioxide but mixed with molybdenum trioxide. Then, to pass hydrogen chloride gas at an upper portion of the reaction product and to roast at the high temperature, so the unreacted molybdenum trioxide MoO3 • 2HCl will evaporate and the MoO2 will cool at the hydrogen stream. On the other hand, placed 170 to 325 mesh molybdenum trioxide powder into porcelain dish, reacted at the high temperature dried reaction tube, and then passed hydrogen to fully discharge the air, heated to 550 ~ 700 ℃ maintained about 1h in a hydrogen stream, molybdenum trioxide will completely reduced to the molybdenum dioxide.

Metal molybdenum restored molybdenum trioxide method
Metal molybdenum restored molybdenum trioxide method, according to 2:1 molar ratio accurately weighed molybdenum trioxide and molybdenum metal powder and then well mixed it. The mixture was loaded into a quartz tube, but the reaction tube should completely to exhaust. Heated to 700 ℃ should maintain 40h, so we can obtain brown crystalline powder. In the presence of oxygen, should carefully heat the metal molybdenum, because the intermediate product can be formed molybdenum dioxide.

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