molybdenum Nitride Applications

molybdenum nitride picture

molybdenum nitride applications are widely, which mainly benefit form its excellent physical and chemical properties. It is mainly used in material modification, catalyst and electrochemical containers and other fields.

Material modification
Mo2N has higher melting point and hardness, good thermal stability and mechanical properties and good corrosion resistance, so often used in the material modification field. It can be used as coating material and additive material.

Catalytic material
Mo2N has ectronic structure which is similar to noble metal and catalytic properties, so it can be used as catalysts for hydrocarbons dehydrogenation, hydrogenolysis and isomerization reaction.

Electrochemical container
Electrochemical capacitors having high specific power, fast charge and discharge, long cycle life, good reversibility and stability, has been widely made into combined power supply of electric vehicles, large repeat pulse power supply, computer backup power and so on. molybdenum nitride (r-Mo2N) has good electrochemical properties and compared to RuO2 and IrO2 and other precious metal oxide electrode material it is more economical and effective.

Other applications
molybdenum nitride can also be used as filler used in modified pigment and modified ink, because it is likely to meet some certain performance requirements of pigments and inks, such as refractive index, transmittance, reflectance properties, water resistance, permeability, hysteresis, breakdown voltage, the skin depth, the Curie temperature, the dissipation factor and processing functions. Its content in the pigment and the ink is about 2% to 15%.

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