molybdenum Telluride Applications

molybdenum telluride application picture

molybdenum telluride applications are widely, usually as solid lubricant used in various fields.

molybdenum ditelluride was synthesized early in 1960, but the applications are flat. Recently, it has been developed as a new type of semiconductor material instead of silicon can be applied to future electronics products. This is mainly because silicon has two drawbacks: First, when the silicon coating thickness only has one or a few atoms, its electronic properties will decline. Second, its band gap makes it difficult to apply in photovoltaic project. molybdenum ditelluride as new semiconductor material has the following advantages. Firstly, it has high homojunction ditelluride efficiency and it is 10 to 50 times to silicon, so the electrons can rapid movement. On the other hand, it having similar bandgap likes silicon. However, to make a single layer channel transistor prototype is not easy, the study is continuing.

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