molybdenum Doped Zinc Oxide

molybdenum doped zinc oxide picture

Compared with zinc oxide, molybdenum doped zinc oxide can great improve ZnO’s properties and performance. molybdenum doped zinc oxide film lowest resistivity is 9.4x10-4Ω • cm and corresponding carrier mobility is 27.3cm2V-1s-1. Besides, the carrier concentration is 3.1x1020cm-3. The average transmittance in the visible region is greater than 85% and refractive index (550 cm) is 1.853. The extinction coefficient is 7.0x10-3. On the other hand, to adjust oxygen partial pressure can change carrier concentration and the band gap increases with the load carrier concentration increases from 3.37 to 3.8eV. Further, the carrier effective mass m * is 0.33 times of electron mass.

The optical band gap of zinc oxide is about 3.37eV, which has good transparent to visible light, and transparent conductive film resistance is 4.5x10-4Ω • cm, but when the temperature exceeds 150 ℃the film properties become unstable, thus greatly limiting its applications. Doped with high temperature elements molybdenum can increase its operation temperature, to expand its applications. In zinc oxide crystals, doped with molybdenum particles by substitutional form. molybdenum doped zinc oxide can be more strongly affect the distribution of electrons around atoms, resulting in lattice change, thereby introducing the unknown energy band gap into zinc oxide, to impact zinc oxide light-emitting properties.

To use magnetron sputtering method to produce molybdenum doped zinc oxide film on quartz substrate, after SEM and XRD observation found, the film microstructure and grain size significantly affected by molybdenum. All light average transmittance of film is higher. On the other hand, ZnO PL spectra shows with the increase of annealing temperature, the emission peak position moved from 380nm to 400nm, or from 470nm moved from to 525nm. The PL spectra strength has significant increase after molybdenum doped.

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