molybdenum Trioxide Production Processes

molybdenum trioxide picture

molybdenum trioxide production processes are as follows:
1. molybdenum concentrate be crushed into 60-80 mesh by using ammonium molybdate thermal decomposition method, placed in the roaster at 500 ~ 550 ℃ for oxidizing roasting, leached by ammonium hydroxide to obtain ammonium molybdate solution. After filtration, heated to 40 ~ 45 ℃, to add nitric acid with stirring for neutralize to pH = 1.5, we can obtain ammonium octamolybdate precipitate. After flirtation and centrifugal dewatering, to make precipitate dissolved in the 70 ~ 80 ℃ ammonia hydroxide, and then concentrated can obtain ammonium paramolybdate.
2. The ammonium molybdate at 550 ~ 600 ℃ thermal decomposition can obtain molybdenum trioxide.

In Industrial usually uses molybdenum disulfide oxidation for molybdenum trioxide production:
The sodium molybdate after acidification can produce molybdenum trioxide hydrates and chemical reaction equation is as follows: 2 MoS2 + 7O2 → 2MoO3 + 4SO2. The obtained molybdenum trioxide after dried can obtain the finished product, the chemical reaction equation is as follows: Na2MoO4 + H2O + 2HClO4 → MoO3 (H2O) 2+ 2NaClO4.

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