molybdenum Chloride

molybdenum chloride picture

molybdenum chloride, also known as molybdenum pentachloride, it is dark green or gray-black needle crystal and has deliquescence. Its physical properties are as follows: melting point: 194 ℃, boiling point: 268 ℃, density: 2.928g / ml, the formula MoCl5. It is easy to react violently with water and during the reaction will release white smoke-like toxic and corrosive hydrogen chloride gas. Besides, it will corrode the metals when exposed to moisture.

It is mainly used as chloride catalyst and fire-resistant resin component and used for the molybdenum hexacarbonyl and metal organometallic compounds production, but also it can be used as catalyst for chlorination. molybdenum chloride can produce by metal molybdenum at 350 ℃ with chlorine to chloridize. The chemical reaction equation is as follows: 2Mo + 5C12 → 2MC15.

molybdenum chloride has some toxicity, which can react with water to emit white toxic smog and corrosive hydrogen chloride gas. Its dust and vapors can irritate the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Therefore, if eyes contact with product to cause irritation, you should rinse with water. If the skin contacts with the product, you should wash by water, then wash thoroughly with soap. If wrongly swallows the product, you should immediately rinse the mouth and go to hospital for treatment. During operation, the operator must wear acid-proof protective equipment.

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