molybdenum Diselenide

molybdenum diboride picture

molybdenum diselenide, also known as molybdenum selenium, it is a gray powder, having a layered structure, with semiconductor properties. It is often used as a solid lubricant used in various fields. Its physical properties are as follows: molecular formula: MoSe2, molecular weight: 253.86, CAS number: 12058-18-3, MDL number: MFCD00014216, EINECS number: 235-027-9, density: 6.0 (g / ml, air = 1) , melting point: 1200 ℃. Its chemical properties are as follows: under normal temperature and pressure is stable, to avoid the light, open flames and high temperatures.

This product is harm to water, even if a small amount of the product can not reach ground water, water channel or sewage system. In addition, it should be sealed and stored in a cool dry place. In addition, it should be stored airtight at room temperature in a cool dry place.

molybdenum diselenide production processes are as follows: Se and Mo mixed by molar ratio of 1:2, at 800~1150 ℃ the molybdenum and selenium after reaction can form MoSe2.

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