Bismuth molybdenum Oxide

bismuth molybdenum oxide picture

Bismuth molybdenum oxide (dibismuth trimolybdenum dodecaoxide, bismuth molybdate) is stratified structure compound and there are three main crystalline structure α-Bi2Mo3O12, β-Bi2Mo2O9 and r-BiMoO6. Multi-dimensional structure bismuth molybdate according to different molybdenum content, the product color is not the same. The greater the molybdenum component, the color turns to green.

Bismuth molybdenum oxide can be used in arsenal for camouflage and anti-ultraviolet. In addition, bismuth molybdate has excellent catalyst photocatalyst performance, which can break down some air of harmful inorganic substances and almost all hazardous organic substances and good for cleaning air and environment. Commonly used on the market do bismuth molybdate colorants used in home improvement, office decoration or glass appearance and other occasions, the office air purifier, UV and the like. Bismuth molybdate is usually made into colorant used in furniture, office or glass surface, which can clean air and play UV protection. Bismuth molybdate as new functional materials, belong to fine chemicals high-end technology and its applications are more widely. In the chemical industry, bismuth molybdenum is an important catalyst material, commonly used in propylene selectivity oxidation dehydrogenation acrolein production and ammonia oxidation acrylonitrile production. On the other hand, due to its unique physical properties, it is widely used in the field of ion conductor, sound and light materials, light conductor and gas sensors.

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