molybdenum Chloride Production Processes

molybdenum chloride (MoCl5) production processes are simple and it can be obtained by used chlorine to chloridize molybdenum at 350 ℃. There are two main methods for MoCl5 production.

1. Heated molybdenum to 300 ~ 400 ℃ make it to react with Cl2, so we can obtain molybdenum chloride, the chemical reaction equation is as follows: 5Cl2 + 2Mo = 2MoCl5.

2. Sealed Heated MoO3 and CCl4, controlled the temperature at 200 ~ 300 ℃, after the reaction can obtain molybdenum chloride. The specific production chemical equation is as follows: 2MoO3 + 6CCl4 = 2MoCl5 + Cl2 ↑ + 6COCl2.

molybdenum chloride picturemolybdenum chloride picture

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