molybdenum Dioxide Chemical and Physical Properties

molybdenum dioxide picture

molybdenum dioxide chemical and physical properties are as follow: physical properties are as follows: appearance: dark green and glossy steel color powder density: 6.44g / cm3, molecular formula: MoO2, molecular weight: 127.94, CAS number: 18868-43-4. At above 500 ℃, it can react with hydrogen to obtain metal molybdenum and react with chlorine to form molybdenum dichloride oxide (VI). Besides, it reacts with oxide can produce molybdenum trioxide, but it can’t react with hydrogen chloride, alkali and acid. molybdenum dioxide has stable chemical properties, very slightly soluble in sulfuric acid, nitric acid and silver nitrate. It can be used as raw material for molybdenum and other molybdenum compound production.

molybdenum dioxide can produce by heated molybdenum in the steam, or to restore molybdenum trioxide at 470 ℃ can also produce MoO2.

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