molybdenum Diboride

molybdenum diboride picture

molybdenum diboride, also known as molybdenum boride, is a yellow-gray square crystal. Its physical properties are as follows: molecular formula: Mo2B, molecular weight: 202.69, CAS number: 12006-99-4, MDL number: MFCD01310400, EINECS number: 234-502-8, density: 9.26 (g / ml, air = 1 ), melting point: 2280 ℃. molybdenum boride has many forms, such as MoB, MoB2, Mo2B2, and Mo2B5. Its chemical properties are as follows: it is a solid which is insoluble and difficult to fuse, having conductive.

molybdenum diboride applications are widely, mainly as additives used in electron used tungsten, aluminum and tantalum alloy production, and often as wear-resistant coating film and the semiconductor thin film raw material.

The product may harm to the environment, so do not discharge undiluted product to reach ground water, water course or sewage system. Besides, without government permission does not allow material discharged into the surrounding environment. In addition, it should be sealed and stored in a cool dry place.

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