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Nitrate and Molybdenum Electrode

Molybdenum electrode will be erosion if the molten glass contains a certain amount of nitrate. During operation, in order to ensure molybdenum electrode efficiency and service life should take some protection measures. Transitional protection measures of molybdenum electrode include anode passivation and low frequency current protection.

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The chemical stability of molybdenum electrode in various medium

Medium Reaction Medium Reaction
O2 400℃ to oxidize, 700℃ or more to quick oxidize Glass 1350℃ or less stable
H2 No reaction C 1100℃ or more to produce carbide
N2 1500℃ or more nitridation Aqua regia 100℃ or more quick erosion
Ar Stable, no reaction CO2 1200℃ start to oxidize
He Stable, no reaction Nitric acid Unstable
H2O 700℃ or more to quick oxidize Hydrochloric acid Mild etching at room temperature
CO 1400℃ start to oxidize Vitriol Mild etching at room temperature
HF Room temperature stable, high temperature mild erosion

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