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Spherical Molybdenum Electrode

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Spherical molybdenum electrode is kind of customized molybdenum electrode and the installation method is similar to plate molybdenum electrode and rod molybdenum electrode. Spherical molybdenum electrode in the furnace can be divided into four areas. The A area is electrode body, which is in the furnace and is covered with molten glass. B area is three-phase boundary, including electrodes, molten glass and atmospheric three-phase interface. C area is heat affected zone and D area is low temperature zone. The three-phase boundary temperature is close to the temperature of molten glass and due to the combined effect of media and air, so there is the most serious corrosion of the electrode. The results show that the fracture site of the electrode is near the front of the heat affected zone having many MoO3 powder. Heat affected zone affected by heat conduction, the temperature is up to 800 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃ and the low temperature zone affected by cooling effect the temperature can be reduced to 150 ℃ ~ 200 ℃.

According to the kinetic analysis of the molybdenum oxidation, we can see that the three-phase boundary and heat-affected zone temperature exceeds the oxidation temperature of molybdenum, because the molybdenum electrode has poor resistance high temperature oxidation, so the electrode need cover with absolute reliable oxidation measures. There are two ways to prevent the heat affected zone and the three-phase boundary from oxidizing, which are to reduce the temperature below than oxidation temperature of molybdenum or to completely isolate them from air.

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