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Molybdenum Electrodes Impurities Content

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Molybdenum electrode impurities content has a certain impact on the quality of glass and the service life of the glass furnace and molybdenum electrode, in order to produce high quality glass products and to extend the service life of the electrodes should strictly control the content of impurities. When molybdenum melting, the impurities of electrode will make glass color to occur dramatic change, so molybdenum content should higher than 99.93%. In addition, the impurity content of molybdenum electrode, carbon content has great impact on the glass, and therefore must ensure that the electrode carbon content is less than 0.002%.if electrode carbon content is too high, not only will reduce the mechanical properties of the electrode, but will form bubbles and if these bubbles appear on the electrodes will reduce the life of electrode. After studies, to improve molybdenum purity and to reduce carbon content to 20 ~ 30PPM can remove these small bubbles.

In the operation, when the current density is too high, the temperature of the electrode region can up to 1500 ℃ ~ 1600 ℃ and there are a large amount of bubbles appear in the molten glass. These bubbles float to the surface after combustion to form bright white flame. They may be a decomposition product of glass, or the combustion products of CO which produced by carbon of molybdenum electrode and oxygen of furnaces reaction.

Molybdenum electrodes impurities content

element C Si Al Ca Mg W O2 H2 N2
Impurities(×10-4%) ≤50 80 30 10 10 200 ≤40 10/20 ≤20

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