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Plug-shaped Molybdenum Electrode

molybdenum electrode picture

Plug-shaped molybdenum electrode is a short rod-shaped electrode and the length into furnace is about 1~2 times to the diameter, which can be installed by horizontally way or vertically way, mainly used for small electric melting furnace, mainly as starting electrode in dog-hole, flow gate or all-electric melting furnace.

The plate molybdenum electrode after erosion the rod part can as the plug electrode. Due to the energy release of the plug-shaped electrode is concentrated near the rod part, which can cause strong liquid flow and has high corrosion resistance to the refractory material, so the long-term operating power of the plug electrode is smaller than rod electrode and plate electrode. To use plug-shaped electrode in the flow gate, the number of electrodes will be more than the rod-shaped electrode, but the transmission combination is more flexible way.

The plug-shaped electrode is kind of short rod-shaped electrode which is inserted into the molten glass about 10 to 20 cm and can be replaced when the plate electrode is damaged. Plug-shaped electrodes can produce a strong convection, most of heat released in the area where between the electrode and refractory, which can easily lead to damage the refractory materials.

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