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Rare Earth Molybdenum Electrode

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Rare earth molybdenum electrode, also known as zirconia molybdenum electrode (MoZrO2), is a new type of dispersion composite material and as electrode materials mainly developed for the glass furnace. In the matrix metal of molybdenum, added a certain amount of inorganic ZrO2 particles, which can significantly improve its corrosion resistance, having higher high temperature strength. Besides, the excellent thermal conductivity and good mechanical processing performance has not changed. Therefore, compared to molybdenum electrode MoZrO2 is a more excellent electrode material.

Molybdenum electrode and MoZrO2 molybdenum electrode comparison

  Rate Erosion amount
First time Second time Third time
Molybdenum electrode 1.8 1692 1420 1556
MoZrO2 molybdenum electrode 1 943 821 882
  Creep Resistance Mechanical Property
Creep rate
Tensile strength
0.2 Yield strength Elongation%
Molybdenum electrode 4.4×10-6 226 97 16.9
MoZrO2 molybdenum electrode 9.5×10-7 335 246 6.3

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