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Plate Molybdenum Electrode

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Plate molybdenum electrode heating is more uniform and generally does not produce too strong convection, so the erosion of the electrode hole bricks lighter than rod electrodes, mainly used in low-capacity single-phase electric furnace, but also suitable for low current required or uniform energy release required glass electric melting furnace. In addition, the molybdenum electrode has good corrosion resistance, especially for borosilicate glass electric furnace. The wall brick has poor corrosion resistance, to use the plate molybdenum electrode as electrode material in melting pool, during heating and cooling, should take protective measures, so that the electrode does not contact with oxygen in the air.

The advantage of the plate molybdenum electrode is that the electrode is light in weight and does not have the problem of high-temperature creep. Besides, the conductive area is bigger than the same weight rod electrode more than 4 times, so it has less consumption and can not be change or supplement during operation. Further, since the plate electrode is about 50mm away from the refractory bricks, so it can protect the refractory material. However, in the installation process should note that the molybdenum plate can not contact with refractory bricks and should maintain a certain distance. In the transmission connection, the same side of the molybdenum electrode can be connected in parallel, but should require the current sharing measures and if it is an independent transmission should also pay attention to the phase.

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