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Molybdenum Electrode Production Processes

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Molybdenum electrode production processes are roughly as follows: raw materials - pressing - sintering - forging - annealing - drawing - straightening - polishing. Molybdenum electrode is mainly made by powder metallurgy method, that is, to well mix the raw material, after pressing, sintering to obtain molybdenum rod blank. And then through multi-stage rotary forging processing, recrystallization annealing, drawing, straightening, polishing and a series of processes can obtain different specifications molybdenum electrodes. To produce good performance molybdenum electrode not only should use high-purity raw materials, but also should strictly control the follow-up of the production process.

The specific production processes are as follows:
1. Heating ammonium molybdate can obtain molybdenum trioxide.
2. Through the hydrogen to heat molybdenum trioxide after reduction can obtian molybdenum powder.
3. Molybdenum powder was put into oil-resistant rubber mold and sealed in Ø820 × 1600mm isostatic press equipment at 200 ~ 300MPa pressure to form molybdenum sintered billet with certain density.
4. Molybdenum powder compacts are sintered at high temperature in a medium-frequency induction furnace with hydrogen protection, so we can produce high density molybdenum sintered compact.
5. The Sintered billet under hydrogen protection to process hot forging, warm forging can obtain molybdenum electrode blank.
6. Finally through the mechanical processing obtain molybdenum electrode.

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