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Molybdenum Electrode Erosion

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Molybdenum electrode erosion will cause electrode breakage and reduce the quality of glass product. Besides, it will reduce the life of the glass furnace. The electrode quality including density and impurity content and molten glass selection are the main reason to cause electrode erosion. Molybdenum electrode has high temperature strength, high temperature oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life and other good properties, often used as an electrode material in glass furnace for household glass, optical glass, insulation materials, glass fiber production.

High purity, low impurity content, high-density electrode not only will less be corroded and has long life, but also is good for producing high-quality glass products. Therefore, during electrode manufacturing should strictly control the raw materials and production process, thereby reducing the possibility of molybdenum electrode erosion.

Different molten glass, the degree of erosion on the electrodes is different. On the other hand, different processing degree electrodes in different molten glass the erosion degree is different. Sintered molybdenum electrodes used in S1 #, S2 # molten glass, furnace operation for 100 days, since the molten glass has high temperature (1570 ~ 1600 ℃), so there is a large area​​ erosion on electrode, resulting in glass furnace damage. Sintered molybdenum electrode used in 1320 ~ 1400℃ alkali-free, there is localized erosion on electrode to make electrode mild droop and can not be used for second time. Forged or smelted molybdenum electrode has dense texture, high purity, uniform material, low impurity content and oxygen content, so they has better good mechanical strength and oxidation resistance, in S1 #, S2 # molten glass, it not easily deformed and sagging. Operation at 1570 ~ 1600 ℃, the end of electrode has some erosion and electrode weight loss is 8%. They used in S1 #, S2 #, alkali and alkali-free platinum drawing furnace, protect by protective jacket, and then they can be used for second time. In order to prevent the erosion, not only should prevent electrode surface having high temperature, while should protect the both ends of electrode.

Content SiO2 Al2O3 MgO B2O3 CoO2 Fe2O3 Li2O Na2O K2O CaO
S1# 50~54 18~22 14~18 6~10 1.0~3.0 - - - - -
S2# 55~58 20~27 10~16 2~6 1.0~2.0 0.5~1.0 0.5~1.5 - - -
alkali-free 54 15 4.5 9 - - - <0.5 0.1 16
middle-alkali 67 6.6 4.2 - - - - 11.5 <0.5 9.5

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