Ammonium Molybdate Production Technology

Preparation of high purity liquid ammonia processing of refined phosphoric acid, and the Central Plains acid separation equipment, barium sulfate method

The invention is a preparation of high purity liquid ammonia processing, extraction and purification phosphate Central Plains and barium sulfate separation equipment and methods, and methods belong to the field of chemical equipment. The present invention includes: a high purity liquid ammonia treatment step, refined phosphoric acid solvent extraction step purification of chlorogenic acid, solvent extraction, refining for phosphate barium sulfate separation step, solvent extraction. Benefits: In addition to high purity ammonium extract impurities, to prevent emulsification stripping, can achieve the smooth and stable operation of the process of preparation; addressing poverty than WPA production of phosphoric acid in a solvent extraction process phosphoric acid extraction refining reduce the acidity in the extraction process of the finished product and extraction tank problems led to the loss caused by the crystal blocking process pool, through the filter in the filtering process reduced.

In addition to molybdenum or tungsten efficient method for producing sodium APT

The present invention is a highly efficient addition of molybdenum or tungsten APT method for producing sodium role. The method is based on the industry, the silicon raw material, sodium tungstate solution at pH = 7.0 ~ 8.0, the thermal aging of silica gel as a catalyst. Then added to precipitate tungsten guanidine or guanidine guanidine derivatives, except for tungsten deposition rate of 98% or more, more than 95% molybdenum. Precipitated by adding ammonia into free guanidine precipitation. APT solution evaporation, crystallization is a secondary acid tablets. Similarly, sodium tungsten products can be obtained. The method is simple, large capacity, high molybdenum and tungsten in addition to metallic sodium and low cost crystallization rate for APT.

Calcium alginate entrapped ammonium compound adsorbent preparation and application

The invention provides a composite adsorbent entrapped ammonium calcium alginate, ammonium phosphate, water-soluble form of the first mass fraction of 2 to 4% suspension of ammonium phosphate, ammonium molybdate and then to P 0.3 to 2 times the number of alginate qualitative stirring mix;, and the mixture mass fraction to 10% calcium chloride solution 3,12 to 48 hours the reaction, so that the ball product; washed with distilled water separated from the dry seaweed calcium ammonium phosphate embedded type composite adsorbent. The ammonium phosphate composite adsorbent as the core structure of the material, calcium alginate entrapped, 2 to 5 mm in diameter, egg-shaped ball, ammonium phosphate and calcium alginate 3:1 and 1:2 mass ratio of 90 ~ 97% of a moisture content of 0.4 to 0.6 g ml - 1 Density. The composite adsorbent rubidium and cesium base with good adsorption properties of the mixed solution of metal ions, the solution can be applied to the system from the adsorption and separation, rubidium, cesium, etc. removed.

Production of non-aggregated ammonium second

A production process dimolybdate non-aggregated state, including 1]. Molybdate solution prepared evaporative crystallization reactor, heated to boiling, heating was continued for 2]. When ammonium molybdate solution at pH = 6.9-7.5, put two small crystals of ammonium seed; 3]. Determine the evaporation rate curve; 4]. Crystal growth; 5]. Filters, 100 - 110 ℃ dry present invention solves the technical background of physical indicators of poor product performance and production technical problems. Crystallization process improvement and fine-grained control, improved two ammonium and particle size of the crystals from the original non-reunion class reunion monocrystalline product changes, product processing, use, performance, adding seeds to eliminate the fine-grained control evaporation rate, the second crystal type and particle size ammonium achieve improved physical performance of products has reached the international advanced level.

Seven ammonium production methods

The invention discloses a solution of ammonia in which Molybdenum-containing organic phase from the stripping or desorption, so that the total stripped or desorbed or extraction liquid can be cold crystallization of ammonium heptamolybdate, ammonium seven no production method requires intermediate steps, additional energy.

Four ammonium thiosulfate preparation

Preparation of a four-way ammonium thiosulfate, which are high purity chemicals to improve the preparation methods. It is mainly through arbitration ammonium [(NH) 6Mo7O24 · 4Of H2O] or molybdenum trioxide MoO3And ammonium sulfide [(NH) 28-2] The method of the reaction solution to prepare ammonium tetrathiocarbonate [(NH) 2MoS4] high purity. In four high purity ammonium thiosulfate, ammonium sulfide generation which is close to the desired four measurement ammonium thiosulfate prepared the present invention, the reaction conditions ease, reaction time, reduce waste, high yield,High purity, non-toxic, foul-smelling hydrogen sulfide gas.

The methods used to increase the weight of ammonium molybdenum-based catalysts to improve the performance of waste

Molybdenum-ammoxidation catalyst regeneration methods, including re-molybdenum loss of ammonia oxidation catalyst, an increase of the catalyst, it is used as the starting material added weight ammonium molybdenum catalyst.

Preparation of Rare Earth dimolybdate

The invention discloses a method for preparing rare earth dimolybdate to improve processing and properties of the material, while reducing production costs and reduce environmental pollution. Soft water and ammonia ratio of 4 to 5 liters: 1 liter grain tank added, stir, then add four ammonium molybdate four batches: Soft water: ammonia = 1 kg: 4 - 5L of: 1 liter, heating and stirring, to form Mother liquor, liquor was adjusted to pH 7 to 8.5 to slowly increase the cerium nitrate, yttrium nitrate or lanthanum nitrate, or any combination of two or three of the mother liquor with cerium nitrate, yttrium nitrate or lanthanum nitrate The any combination of two or three mass not exceeding 2.5% of the total ammonium total mass ratio of the combination of heated evaporation from 2.0 to 6.0 hours, the heating temperature is 100 ℃ ~ 130 ℃, until the solution, clear, so far the material release, filtration and drying, the drying temperature is 110 ~ 150 ℃, 6 至 8 hours and this is the second rare earth chloride.

Mechanical mixture of lanthanum-doped molybdenum detection method

The present invention provides a method for the detection and lanthanum doped molybdenum mechanical mixture of measurement method, a bulk density of (0.7 to 1.6) g cc ammonium ╱ solid samples doped lanthanum glass container, according to the mixture of lanthanum bromide: water = (1 ~ 2) kg: (2-3) in length, add water, stir for 30% of the added amount of one hundred and twenty ml of hydrogen peroxide 40 percent, standing ratio of 5-15 minutes, then add 15% sulfuric acid, 14 volume percent of 150 to 220 ml, stirring until completely dissolved and then filtered based on the with and without filter paper, and the size of the deposit, you can decide how much, whether the number of mechanical mixture of lanthanum, and included within the allowable range of ammonium volume, ensuring that the molybdenum final product quality; present invention is a 100% detection accuracy.

Preparation of high purity ammonium Chung

The present invention provides a high purity ammonium, including multi-ammonium molybdate as raw materials, water and ammonia preparation method was heated and stirred aqueous ammonia solution, and then continuously stirred at a steam pressure of evaporation, crystallization, and keep the tank in order to keep the solution boiling, solid-liquid separation after crystallization mother liquor was concentrated, reducing the dried ammonium clock, clock until the separation of ammonium ≤ 1.0g/cm3When the feed of ammonia dissolved in the proportion of multi-ammonium (kg): water (1): ammonia (l) = 1: (0.20 to 0.25): 0.6 ammonium evaporative crystallization, increased when more than one thousand kg per 40 150 g of EDTA.The present invention can greatly improve product purity ammonium Bay, reached the national standard level, in order to meet the needs of the electronics industry.The preparation is simple, without adding new equipment, product quality and stability, the crystallization rate of 94.5%, to prepare 96.

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