Cobalt Molybdenum Hydrotreating Catalyst

cobalt molybdenum hydrotreating catalyst image

Cobalt molybdenum hydrotreating catalyst is cobalt molybdenum catalyst and the hydrogen will react with organic sulfides of hydrocarbon feedstock to occur hydrogenolysis, which is good for desulfuration and protecting catalyst from poisoning. Cobalt molybdenum hydrogenation method can not be independent desulfurization and it need to add zinc oxide, so as to produce desulfurization reaction. Cobalt-molybdenum hydrotreating-zinc oxide main principles are as follows: zinc oxide will react with sulfuretted hydrogen to produce zinc sulfide and water. Zinc oxide can also directly react with thiol to achieve desulfurization. Its main principles are to catalyze organic sulfur hydrogenation to produce inorganic sulfur, and then to use desulfurizer for desulfurization.

Co-Mo sulfur-tolerant catalyst is suitable used in fertilizer plants, methanol plants, refinery hydrogen plant for producing hydrogen, adding ammonia desulfurizer which uses natural gas, oil gas, refinery gas and naphtha as raw material for a variety of hydrocarbons, gas desulfurization.

Cobalt molybdenum sulfur-tolerant shift catalyst produced by impregnation method:
1. Put activated alumina powder and nitric acid, deionized water, extrusion aid into Kneader to well mix.
2. After sufficiently kneading, put the material into banded extruder, after dried and sintered to obtain alumina supporter.
3. Use Co (NO3) • 6H2O or CoSO4 • 7H2O or CoCl2 • 6H2O and (NH4) 2MoO4 as raw material, to produce Co-Mo solution added with co-catalyst, and then make alumina bar into solution ofr impregnation.
4. After drain off, dried and calcined can obtain cobalt-molybdenum hydrodesulfurization catalyst.
Molybdenum cobalt nickel catalyst is a hydrotreating catalyst for refining. It has low reaction temperature, good stability, high strength and long service life. Besides, denitrification performance is better than cobalt molybdenum catalysts and nickel catalysts.

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