Lithium Molybdate

lithium molybdate illustrative structural diagrams picture

Lithium molybdate is often as corrosion inhibitors used in lithium bromide central air conditioning. It is stable at room temperature and should be sealed at room temperature, placed in cool and dry place. Li2MoO4 is harmful to water, so do not discharge undiluted product to reach ground water, water course or sewage system and without government permission do not allow material discharged into the surrounding environment. Its physical and chemical properties are as following:

Molecular Formula: Li2MoO4 Melting Point: 705℃
Molecular Weight: 173.8196 Density: 2.66
CAS NO.: 13568-40-6 EINECS: 236-977-7
Chemical Properties: Stable in room temperature and normal pressure, to avoid light, fire and high temperature

Lithium bromide absorption refrigerator uses heat energy as power, water as a refrigerant, and lithium bromide as absorbent. In the presence of air, lithium bromide has strong corrosive effect, in order to avoid or mitigate corrosion, in addition to improving the tightness of the refrigerator, but also must to use corrosion inhibitors. Lithium chromate (Li2CIO4) is commonly used corrosion inhibitor, the effect is significant, but if not handled properly, it is likely to cause pollution to the environment, therefore, at present people usually use lithium molybdate as corrosion inhibitor.
Lithium molybdate as corrosion inhibitor has the following advantages:
1. At high temperature it has good corrosion inhibition;
2. It will not produce pitting;
3. No environmental pollution problems;

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