Ammonium Dimolybdate Production Processes and Production Method

Ammonium dimolybdate production processes and production methods:

Reconstituted crystallization method:
(1) ammonium tetramolybdate dissolved: the water is added into stirring vessel and heated to 70℃, with stirring, to slowly add ammonium tetramolybdate and ammonia till the concentration of ammonium molybdate is about MoO3 400g/ L, pH 5.5 to 6.5.
(2) Ammonium molybdate solution filtration: after ammonium tetramolybdate dissolved should pass enough stream to heat ammonium molybdate solution to 80 ~ 90 ℃, hot filtered through filter separator, and the filtrate should put into the crystal kettle.
(3) Cooling crystallization: after crystal nucleus formed, through cooling water to make the crystal nucleus cools to room temperature and precipitates ammonium dimolybdate crystals. After discharge fluid, dehydration by centrifuge and separation can obtain finished products.

Evaporation crystallization method:
Ammonium dimolybdate picture The reaction equations are as following:
(NH4)2Mo4O13+3H2O +6NH3=4(NH4)2MoO4
2(NH4)2MoO4=(NH4)2Mo2O7+H2O +2NH3
Operation Steps: liquid ammonia is added into reaction vessel where has purified water, to adjust pH value, and then to add ammonium tetramolybdate (the AQM) with heating and density and pH value adjustment. The feed solution is filtered into the evaporator crystallizer, after a period of evaporation to add a certain reagent A and to the end of the evaporation process. The slurry after dewatering is putted into far-infrared dryer for drying at a certain temperature. The drier after sieved and well mixed can obtain the finished product.

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