Ammonium Paramolybdate

ammonium paramolybdate picture

Ammonium paramolybdate, also known as ammonium heptamolybdate, is kind of large particles colorless monoclinic crystal. Placed in the air will loss some part of ammonia and heated to 170 ° C it will decompose into ammonia and molybdenum trioxide. It can dissolve in water, acid and alkali solution, but insoluble in ethanol, acetone. Like other ammonium salts, it will decompose  under certain conditions, to generate molybdic acid and ammonia, and can also happen replacement reaction to form other molybdates and ammonium salts, may become ammonia. Its molecular weight is 1163.88 and formula is H24Mo7N6O24. CAS No. is 12027-67-7 and EC number is 234-722-4.

It has widely applications, often as analytical agent used in the chemical field. This reagent has been used to detect the presence of phosphorus and now it is mainly used for geological prospecting, such as phosphorite explore. Besides, it can also be used as pigment and dehydrogenation catalyst. In the oil and coking industry, it can be used for desulfurization and molybdenum powder manufacturing.

Ammonium paramolybdate production: when the solution concentration is 10 mol / L, the pH value was adjusted to 5.5, so can obtain ammonium heptamolybdate. To acidize molybdenum trioxide ammonia solution and the pH was adjusted to 6, can also generate ammonium heptamolybdate.

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