Cobalt Molybdenum Catalyst

cobalt molybdenum catalyst image

Cobalt molybdenum catalyst production methods are as following, precipitation method, sol-gel method, microemulsion preparation technology, melting method, mixing method, dipping method, and ion exchange method. Cobalt molybdenum catalyst has good low temperature shift activity, outstanding sulfur-tolerance properties and anti-drug performance. Besides, it has good selectivity, renewable, high strength, long life and other characteristics and in the ammonia plant is widely used.

Cobalt molybdenum catalyst manufacturing processes are as follows:
1. Weigh a certain amount of magnesium oxide and pseudo boehmite to dry-blending;
2. Add a volume of deionized water with sufficiently stirred;
3. Put it into a single-screw extrusion machine repeatedly pressing and mixing;
4. Place in furnace, dried at 140 ℃ for 6 hours;
5. Finally put into crusher, which was crushed into 48um ~ 75um powder.

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