Ammonium Heptamolybdate

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Ammonium heptamolybdate chemical formula is (NH4)6Mo7O24.4H2O. It is a colorless or light yellow green monoclinic crystal and the relative density is 2.498, soluble in water, ammonia, insoluble in alcohol. When heated to 90 ℃, it will lose 1 crystal water. When heated to 190 ℃, it will break down into ammonia, water, and molybdenum trioxide. In addition, placing the air it will air-slake, lost part of ammonia.

(NH4)6Mo7O24.4H2O is a good catalyst, usually used for cobalt naphthenate, molybdenum catalysts, pigments and traces of chemical fertilizers. It can also be used as raw material for molybdenum rod, molybdenum wire and other products production. In addition, it can also be applied as molybdenum supplement on fertilizer and there are a small number of powder metallurgy enterprises will use ammonium heptamolybdate as raw material used for catalyst, molybdenum metal, paint, metal surface treatment agents, corrosion inhibitors, and trace elements fertilizers production.

Packaging: ammonium heptamolybdate can pack by iron drum or barrel bag with two layers of polyethylene plastic weighted 50kg for each drum. It should store in cool and dry place. To avoid heat, moisture and impact, during storage or shipment should avoid to with acids products. During transportation should to prevent rain, anti-sunlight and discharge should be gently. On fire, should use water and all kinds of fire extinguishers to save.

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